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It is hard to imagine Terra making a comeback after LUNA and UST’s crash but Terra Classic (LUNC) aims to do just that. LUNC’s latest price action suggests significant interest in the project, and whales might also be looking to take part in the action. LUNC’s first major price pump occurred in the last week […]

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Bitcoin’s third-largest whale buys another $13 million after BTC price declines (

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How should ordinary users other than the giant whale respond to the gas battle caused by NFT Drop? (

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Why does the Ethereum NFT whale love the number “8”? (

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Whale buys 30,000 bitcoins, bit 6%-Ada surge 20% (

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Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT? (

Destroy the fake PUNK to prove that you are the real PUNK.

Written by: LeftOfCenter

As a non-homogeneous token, each NFT is irreplaceable and unique. This unique attribute is naturally suitable for the field of art NFT with unique value. In other words, when we cast a piece of NFT artwork on the blockchain, it is equivalent to registering and confirming the right to the work. The creator, owner and all subsequent transaction records of this work will be recorded on the chain .

However, this is only established on the basis of the existence of a blockchain. Once the cross-chain is cross-chain, there may still be the problem of the same work being submitted multiple times by people who want to test it.

DeFi Big Whale 4.8 re-enacted the recently popular CryptoPunk NFT and copied it to the BSC Binance Smart Chain for distribution. Each punk can spend one BNB token for minting, and the total supply is 9,999. After this group of punk was released, it was sold out in less than an hour.

This is equivalent to sending a set of exactly the same pirated Punk NFT on the Binance Smart Chain. The holder is equivalent to forking the original NFT on Ethereum. Obviously this is a deliberate social experiment and a value test. Is the test buyer real punk or fake punk?

A long-planned social experiment?

The original Twitter name of DeFi Big Whale Four Eighty Four was 0xB1, so he issued a set of exactly the same pirated punk NFT, what exactly did he want to do?

For buyers who grabbed this group of punk NFTs, compared to the original Punk’s lowest price of $35,000, spending one BNB on the Binance Smart Chain to cast a cryptopunk NFT seems to be a good choice.

CryptoPunks are the first digital art works on Ethereum with a built-in method to verify unique ownership, with a total supply of 10,000 pieces. The basic unit of CryptoPunks has 10,000 numeric characters. These characters will constitute different degrees of rarity attributes according to their type (such as alien, ape, zombie), as well as headdress, beard, hoodie, etc.

As people pay more and more attention to CryptoPunks, interest in buying CryptoPunks has also surged. In the last quarter of 2020 and the first two months of 2021, sales around CryptoPunk have reached tens of millions of dollars.

On-chain data shows that on February 22nd, a big whale purchased 34 Cryptopunks NFTs within 20 minutes, costing 557.5 ETH, which is about 1 million US dollars. Spencer Noon speculates that the whale is a billionaire venture capitalist, the founder and CEO of the investment company Social Capital, and the chairman of the aerospace company Virgin Galactic Chamath Palihapitiya. Chamath Palihapitiya is an American venture capitalist, engineer, SPAC initiator, and founder and CEO of Social Capital. He was an early senior director of Facebook, a new generation of star venture capitalist, good at mining undervalued technology companies and unknown software The value of startups is also a supporter of Bitcoin.

Another NFT Punk numbered 6487 was sold by address 0x1da533 to 0x561786 at a price of 550 ETH, valued at approximately US$1.05 million.

Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT?NFT Punk, number 6487, is a bald female punk

In addition, in order to participate in the panic buying, this event also allowed users who did not know Binance Smart Chain to experience the Binance Smart Chain for the first time. Many buyers said, “The first time I use the BSC Binance Smart Chain, it is indeed very silky to use, and compared to the gas fee of hundreds of dollars on Ethereum, the cheap transaction cost is more acceptable.”

BSC brings a lower fee experience than Ethereum DeFi. In addition, the key data is also very attractive:
BSC TVL has exceeded 9.6 billion U.S. dollars, increasing from 680 million U.S. dollars on January 26 to 9.614 billion U.S. dollars on February 24, an increase of over 1310%, far exceeding the growth rate of Ethereum;

Most importantly, the BSC Binance Smart Chain ecosystem has also rapidly risen and expanded in the 5 months since its launch, and formed a preliminary prototype of a complete ecosystem , mainly consisting of DeFi, NFT, games, and development. The ecosystem covers nearly 26 different fields such as wallets, infrastructure, derivatives, and stablecoins.

Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT?

Affected by the above, BNB, the dominant currency of the BSC ecosystem, has risen more than 5 times in the past month, far exceeding ETH in the same period.

However, if you know about this DeFi whale, it’s not difficult to speculate that his purpose of launching such an activity is obviously not to provide cheaper alternatives to punk NFT buyers, let alone to provide Binance smart chain. Drainage brings an early user experience. As most buyers and viewers have guessed, this may be a long-planned social experiment. Next, buyers are likely to be called on to destroy these punk NFTs.

Who are four eight four?

Who is the DeFi Big Whale Four Eighty Four?

The previous Twitter name of 1984 was “0xB1”. It was a recently emerging DeFi whale. Its DeFi token holdings accounted for 99%. It was also an early participant in multiple DeFi projects, one of which was only more than 5 months old. In the age account, DeFi tokens worth more than 30,000 ETH are held. The holding tokens include KeeperDAO, Badger, DIGG, YFL, YAX, UNI and 1INCH and other DeFi blue chip projects.

The amazing speed of wealth accumulation in the past six months of 1984 and its high-profile style different from other giant whales have allowed it to grow into a “flag” in the DeFi world , as an important “weathervane ” of DeFi projects , tracking its wallet address The holdings of assets are regarded as the easiest and most efficient way to mine the DeFi alpha project .

1984 is not only active in various DeFi protocols, but also interested in NFT. Recently, April 8th and 4th gave out up to 150,000 US dollars in prize money for the NFT commemorative competition. In January this year, 484 also bid for a very rare CryptoPunk collection at a high price of 600 ETH, but ultimately failed.

In addition, 1984 also purchased three CryptoPunk collections at a price of 130 ETH each; purchased the joint “BTC Whitepaper” of MEME and Badger due to the DeFi liquidity mining fire for 88.8 ETH; purchased it for 65 ETH The NBA Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban sold and created two same-version encrypted art NFTs in Rarible, and destroyed one of the NFTs after purchase, reducing it from the original tenth version to nine Version. Interestingly, encryption artist Beeple sold three open-version encryption art NFTs at Nifty Gateway, which were all packaged and bought by 484 at a price of 333.666 ETH recently, and these NFTs will no longer be sold.

1984 is also a very active DeFi donor. He has donated money to some DeFi projects many times. For example, he gave 5ETH to DeBank ‘s Ethereum address debanker.eth to thank debank’s asset overview function for quickly integrating multiple DeFi protocols. .

From this, we can outline the user portrait of this “DeFi whale”: an active DeFi user who not only believes in the spirit of openness and decentralization, but is also willing to try and fund some early experimental projects. It is also a solid DeFi practice. And preacher.

Destroy fake punk and become real. Punk?

In fact, as soon as the incident was launched, it has caused widespread controversy. Not only did some people question the motives of the 1984 , but also the punk on the two chains initiated a debate about “Who is the real punk?”

Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT?

Some people speculate that the buyer may spontaneously destroy these NFTs to protect the interests of the authors and holders of these original punk NFTs. The true author and holder of an NFT work can be traced back to the open source code. And write verifiable rules for public viewing on the chain. This is the core spirit of cryptopunk, that is, “In math we truth, Code is law.”

In fact, buyers have been destroying these NFT punks.

Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT?

In addition, actions such as “destroy” are also very similar to what a “DeFi whale” such as 4.84 would do.

Users who are familiar with April 4 may still remember that he revealed in the 2020 year-end summary tweet that “Bansky” will enter the NFT field.

Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT?

Who is Bansky?

Bansky is an anonymous British graffiti artist, social activist, film director and painter. His street works are rich in political style and ironic, with some subversive, cynical black humor and vigilant sentences attached to the side; most of his graffiti is rubbed out using unique template technology, like a kind of art The social commentary expressed in a way has appeared in the streets, walls and bridges of different cities around the world, and has even become a fascinating urban appearance in the local area.

However, it was a work self-destruction incident that made Bansky famous and even out of the circle. On October 5, 2018, one of Banksy’s most famous works “Girl With Balloon” (Girl With Balloon) was held in London. According to Forby’s auction house, this is a reproduction painting drawn by him during 2006. It was sold for 1.06 million pounds. But at the moment of the deal, the painting was half-year-old by a paper shredder hidden in the frame. Half of the girl’s head was cut into pieces.
Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT?

Soon after the incident, Bansky posted a video “surrender” on Instagram, showing how he secretly installed the paper shredder inside the painting. The video quoted Picasso’s famous phrase “The impulse to destroy is also the impulse to create,” Bansky said. A layout that was meticulously planned for many years was originally planned to be shredded, but it was half destroyed by a paper jam. Despite the destruction of the painting, the winning collector is still willing to collect it for 1.06 million pounds.

As an anonymous street artist, Bansky’s own graffiti painting itself was painted on the wall and printed on a T-shirt. As a result, it was framed with a high-quality picture frame, framed as a cultural symbol, which can be said to be a kind of cultural symbol. Formal capitalization. Bansky meticulously planned this auction of broken paintings and wanted to challenge the concept of art capitalization.

In the end, “Balloon and Girl” was not destroyed by this, but was reshaped on the spot and became a new work born at the auction site-“Love is in the Bin” (Love is in the Bin), a topical effect that made it The value of it has risen repeatedly. Some museum directors estimate that because the higher the publicity effect of an art work, the higher its value, the more valuable the painting will be.

Obviously, April 4th is also a supporter of this destruction behavior. Looking at the tweets before April 4th, we found that he had once implemented an act of destroying the NFT collection issued by Lindsay Lohan based on a Twitter vote. The reason was that Lindsay Lohan publicly supported Justin Sun’s project. Click here to see the Proof of Burn.

Why did the mysterious DeFi whale reproduce exactly the same CryptoPunk NFT?

From this point of view, April 4th is just to arouse public attention to NFT, and the use of this banksy social experiment makes us have to seriously think about the true value of NFT, if we can copy exactly the same NFT art on another chain Product and can be sold, so what is the value of NFT ?

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, NFT is a non-homogeneous token, each is unique. In the application scenario of art assets, NFT’s unique scarcity and copyright verification mechanism that can be traced back to the creator, Is where its value lies.

In the Bitcoin fork, the winner is often the side that has gained wider community consensus, but the NFT fork is different. It also condenses the creator’s effort and value, and these things also have unique value for buyers. If everyone copies and pastes other people’s work and publishes it on another chain, as long as someone pays for it and it exists reasonably, then NFT will not have its own value.

Obviously, 1984 deliberately provoked such a value test, and it was also a screening experiment, testing your beliefs by launching a punk NFT bifurcation event: Is it true punk or fake punk?

We cannot predict the ultimate direction of this event, but what is certain is that this social experiment has just begun, and whether to choose to destroy or continue to hold will be determined by the NFT holders. Those who choose to continue to hold will spontaneously form a market. After some of the NFT punk is destroyed, these undestroyed artworks NFT punk will become more rare fakes, and will spontaneously form a second place on the decentralized exchange. Level market.

Those buyers who destroyed the re-engraved version of NFT punk successfully passed the value test of 4.8 by destroying fake punk and became real punk. Such destruction will be permanently recorded on the Ethereum blockchain as a proof of workload, and it is worthy of ( kong ) issuance ( tou ) an NFT true punk medal .



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Important project progress

  • BarnBridge announced its 2021 roadmap, will launch BarnBridge DAO and release SMART Yield Bonds
  • 1inch will start a new round of liquidity mining plan on January 9th
  • Aave asked the community for opinions to decide whether to upgrade the economic model or increase the safety incentive to 550 AAVE per day
  • Due to lack of financial transparency, 12 related employees of Aragon resigned collectively
  • Decentralized content publishing platform Mirror launches the most streamlined and practicable product that can store content in Arweave
  • Parity launched the ” Participation Lottery ” system to encourage the community to participate in on-chain governance, and its module code has been incorporated into Substrate
  • NFT index fund NFTX officially launched governance tokens , and opened NFTX and NFT index fund PUNK capital pools on Uniswap
  • The public chain Solana will unlock nearly 80% of the total tokens around January 7, and the unlocked amount will be 8 times the current circulation
  • Ethereum 2.0 pledged liquidity solution Lido officially launched the governance token LDO
  • Cover Protocol officially launched a new COVER token, which is currently available for users to claim
  • OpenBazaar, a decentralized market trading platform, plans to close its service due to exhaustion of donated funds
  • Polkadot testnet Rococo V1 will open parachain test qualification registration on January 11
  • ZKSwap, a decentralized exchange based on ZK Rollup, announced the economic model , and 60% was allocated to community mining
  • Aavegotchi postponed the mainnet and considered launching Matic’s Layer 2 expansion plan first

Investment and Financing

  • Blockchain multiplayer NFT game My Neighbor Alice completed $2.1 million in financing , NGC participated in the investment
  • Furucombo completes $1.85 million seed round financing, which will be used to expand the team and develop the v2 version
  • Argentine crypto exchange Ripio acquires Brazil’s second largest exchange BitcoinTrade for an undisclosed amount
  • Polkadot’s decentralized infrastructure platform Apron Network completed seed round financing, with participation of Vega, PAKA and NGC

Data and research report

  • Messari data: the past seven days Bitcoin real transaction volume of $ 67 billion, a record high
  • Data: The one-month implied volatility of Ethereum against Bitcoin reaches a record high
  • Data: DeFi’s total locked position exceeded US$30 billion for the first time, but the number of ETH locked positions decreased by more than 25% compared to 3 months ago
  • Data: The average website traffic of crypto exchanges increased by 20% month-on-month in December 2020
  • Statistics: The total market value of global cryptocurrencies exceeds one trillion US dollars, with Bitcoin accounting for more than 67%
  • JP Morgan Chase report : Bitcoin long-term target price will reach 146,000 US dollars

Transaction and market

  • The price of Bitcoin once exceeded 40,000 USDT, hitting a new record high; the market value of Bitcoin rose to the sixth place in the global market value of assets, surpassing Tesla
  • Coinbase jumped from 300 to 30 in the Apple App Store ranking within a week
  • BitMEX has completed the user identity verification program, and the verified transaction volume has exceeded 100 billion US dollars since December 4
  • Grayscale removes XRP transactions from its DLC fund, XRP accounts for approximately 1.46% of the fund

Big company progress

  • Grayscale CEO: Grayscale plans to launch six new products in 2021, pension funds and endowment funds are also seeking exposure to Bitcoin
  • Bakkt intends to merge with VPC, a blank check company, with a valuation of over US$2 billion
  • Coinbase acquires Routefire, a transaction execution infrastructure company, to help develop its institutional product suite
  • American campus loan SoFi is negotiating backdoor listing , with a valuation of US$8.65 billion
  • Korean game company Nexon plans to cooperate with Bithumb shareholder Vidente to acquire Bithumb for US$460 million
  • Google cloud is recruiting Chinese district “block chain business development manager.”
  • BC Technology Group intends to raise US$90 million by placing shares and Morgan Stanley will act as the sole placing agent
  • Tetragon, the lead investor of Ripple’s Series C financing, sued Ripple for redemption of shares, and Ripple responded that the XRP properties have not yet been determined
  • Marathon Patent Group completed the capital raising of 200 million US dollars, will pay the mining machine tail payment to Bitmain and expand its business
  • The total amount of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust held by Three Arrows has increased by 85% compared to six months ago, and its current value exceeds US$1.2 billion
  • Skybridge Capital officially launched its Bitcoin fund , with a current asset management scale of US$310 million
  • Ninth City cooperates with Kong Jianping to launch digital currency business

Market voice

  • The Governor of the Bank of England questions the business model of Facebook’s stablecoin project Diem
  • Economic Daily Commentary: Entering Bitcoin cannot blindly
  • Ripple CEO: It has tried to settle with the SEC and will make a preliminary response in a few weeks
  • Andre Cronje announces an update on the progress of the merger or cooperation project
  • Bill Miller, founder of hedge fund Miller Value Partners: Bitcoin may replace cash, the market underestimates the risk of inflation
  • a16z partner : If FinCEN continues to advance the proposed rules for crypto wallets, a16z will raise an objection in court
  • Vitalik Buterin: Rollup is expected to become a key expansion solution for Ethereum in the short to medium term

Supervision, macro dynamics

  • The State Administration of Foreign Exchange summarizes its work in 2020: enriching the application scenarios of cross-border financial blockchain service platforms
  • Since the legalization of crypto mining activities, Iranian authorities have closed 1,620 illegal mines
  • Israel Securities Authority: tokens issued by the company belong to the token type securities, subject to securities laws constraint
  • Central Bank: Properly carry out digital RMB pilot test
  • U.K. ban on the sale of cryptocurrency derivatives to retail investors officially takes effect
  • US FinCEN extends the deadline for comments on non-custodial crypto wallet reporting rules to January 7
  • The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency allows the Commonwealth Bank to use blockchain and stablecoins for settlement and issue stablecoins

safe question

  • Slow fog: DeFi project Pickle Finance pDAI pool stolen funds changed after 47 days of silence, 15 million DAI was transferred

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Looking for the Bitcoin Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the big rise? (

According to public data analysis, the institution with the most bitcoin holdings is Grayscale, with more than 600,000 bitcoins; and the individual with the largest holdings is Satoshi Nakamoto, with about 1 million bitcoins.

Original title: “[ChainDeEx Exclusive] At the beginning of 2021, who is in control of Bitcoin? 》
Written by: Wang Xinyu

Who is in control of Bitcoin? Who is the biggest stakeholder? Who gets the most profit from it? In the future, how will Bitcoin chips continue to flow? People have been exploring the question of the global Bitcoin holdings ranking.

As of press time, Bitcoin was on the Binance Exchange, and the price of the BTC/USDT trading pair once again exceeded 34,000 US dollars.

In the past two months, Bitcoin asset prices have soared, leading the return of the bull market in the entire global crypto asset industry. Institutions entering the market, consensus strengthening, hedging arbitrage, asset hedging, loose monetary macro environment, and increasing channels connecting crypto and traditional financial markets, all signs indicate that Bitcoin is no longer confined to a small-scale capital game.

Who is in control of Bitcoin? Who is the biggest stakeholder? Who gets the most profit from it? In what pattern will Bitcoin’s chips continue to flow in the future?

People have been exploring the question of Bitcoin holdings rankings, but most of the answers use data that are too old or the dimensional design is not scientific, and it is difficult for people to get valuable references. Therefore, Linkedde wrote an article specially, trying to answer this question at this point in time.

First of all, we must admit that due to the anonymity of encrypted assets, any “holding list” cannot be 100% accurate.

There are two reasons: First, few big BTC users put all their assets in the same address, and most of them disperse their assets in different addresses; secondly, although the information on the BTC chain is transparent, few big players will Publicize your BTC address to the outside world. Therefore, it is almost impossible for us to know who the big BTC holders are and their true identities from the data on the chain.

We only try to identify true and false as much as possible through open data, self-consistent analysis dimensions, and industry visits to make the form relatively accurate.

Linkedde arranges the BTC holding list based on the following three dimensions. The three main dimensions are: 1. The ranking of the number of BTC held by institutions or organizations. 2. The ranking based on the latest balance of a single storage address on the BTC chain. 3. The ranking of the number of BTC held by natural persons as the main body.

Global institutions and organizations BTC holding list

First of all, let’s take a look at the top ten Bitcoin holding institutions based on comprehensive analysis of public data. The following will be analyzed for you one by one.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?List of global institutions and organizations BTC holding positions (Landex mapping)

The latest data shows that the current total holdings of these top ten institutions have reached 1.185 million bitcoins, accounting for 6.37% of the current BTC circulation. According to the data that can be searched, at the beginning of 2020, the holdings of these top 10 institutions were 478,000, and the total increase in one year was 606,000 BTC.

Data research process

Linkedde found two more authoritative BTC holding rankings (sorted by company and organization) websites, bitcointreasuries and kevinrooke .

The Bitcoin Treasuries website collects BTC holdings of more than 40 companies around the world, along with data sources. It can be seen from the website that most of the data update time is concentrated in the second half of 2020, and most of the data sources are reports issued by various companies themselves.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

Another website is called Kevin Rooke. The list of BTC holders on this website collects 38 entities. In addition to the companies and funds on the previous website, it also includes individuals and “other” categories (such as Wrapped BTC).

Judging from the number of gray BTC holdings, the website of Kevin Rooke has a faster update speed, and it also includes sources for readers to verify.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?Combining the data from the two websites, Linkde has created TOP10 BTC holdings (sorted by company and organization)

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?List of global institutions and organizations BTC holding positions (Landex mapping)

On the Kevin Rooke website, we saw the “Chinese Government” and the “U.S. Government”. The BTC positions held by the two governments are actually funds confiscated in two illegal cases.

In the Plustoken MLM case involving a total of 4.2 billion US dollars, the number of BTC confiscated by the Chinese government reached 194,000. According to a report from Sina Finance on December 1, “This bitcoin has been entrusted to an off-exchange company for liquidation.

After being converted into Renminbi and turned over to the State Treasury, it is not said when it will be disposed of, but it depends on the progress of the case. The high probability is that it was sold 6 months ago. “

The US government confiscated nearly 70,000 bitcoins from the black market website “Silk Road”, which was presumably transferred to a new address in early November: bc1qa5wkgaew2dkv56kfvj49j0av5nml45x9ek9hz6. The position of this address ranks fifth. As of press time, this bitcoin has not been moved or realized.

Therefore, the Chinese government was removed from the form we created, and the U.S. government was retained.

Below, we will explain one by one the top 10 position entities in the list.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

First of all, the number one is undoubtedly Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. From its latest Twitter release, it can be understood that as of December 30, 2020, the total scale of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust reached 16 billion U.S. dollars, which is approximately equivalent to 607,000 bitcoins, accounting for nearly 3.26% of the current total circulation of BTC.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

In contrast, at the beginning of 2020, the amount of funds under management of Grayscale BTC Trust was only 1.96 billion. Based on the currency price of 7,500 US dollars at the time, Grayscale’s BTC holdings at the beginning of this year were approximately 260,000, accounting for the amount of BTC in circulation at that time. 1.43% of the amount. In 2020, the number of BTC held in Grayscale has increased by 347,000.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?Data source: is a software company. Established specifically for EOS development. The main contributor to EOSIO software development. and EOS are best known for conducting a one-year token crowdfunding between June 2018 and June 2019, generating a total fundraising of 4 billion US dollars.

Although many other token crowdfunding transactions face strict supervision, resulting in fines, termination of activities and even refunds to investors, was able to settle US regulatory fees by reaching a settlement. In the end, the SEC imposed a civil fine of $24 million, accounting for only 0.6% of crowdfunding proceeds.

The latest data on’s Bitcoin holdings comes from a report entitled “Thiel-Backed Crypto Startup Pays Out 6,567% Return” published by Yahoo Finance on May 22, 2019.

According to the report, “According to people familiar with the matter, holds up to 140,000 bitcoins, making it one of the largest holders of original cryptocurrencies. In an email, the company stated that as of As Bitcoin rebounded this year on May 15th, the aforementioned cryptocurrency losses due to liquidity have been fully recovered.”

The chain found that a month ago, netizens on Reddit also asked: “In 2019, Block.One was reported to have 140,000 BTC. Does anyone know their cold wallet address? If they are now (November 14, 2020) Japan) and have the same amount of BTC, then their market value has already surpassed EOS.”

A netizen replied: “Now the address with the most balance (140,000) on the BTC chain belongs to Huobi’s cold wallet, so may have scattered its BTC assets in different addresses, or the balance may have been less than 14 Million.”

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

Wrapped BTC

WBTC is a Bitcoin derivative asset. It is a Bitcoin issued on the Ethereum network. It can be understood as 1 WBTC = 1 BTC. This is like USDT being pegged to the U.S. dollar. WBTC is anchored to Bitcoin to realize value transfer, so that Bitcoin can be used indirectly on the Ethereum network.

Every time a bitcoin is mortgaged to the smart contract, a WBTC is automatically generated; on the contrary, every time a bitcoin is redeemed, a WBTC is destroyed. WBTC is mainly used by BTC holders to participate in the DeFi project in the Ethereum ecosystem.

As mentioned in the previous article, the rise of Bitcoin is also closely related to WBTC. The liquidity mining effect stimulated the increase in the demand for WBTC, and WBTC further led to the increase in demand for Bitcoin, which promoted the increase in the effect of Bitcoin purchases in the secondary market and led to the increase in Bitcoin prices.

On the official website of WBTC, you can also find all the BTC custody addresses of the WBTC agreement:

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

As of press time, the number of bitcoins in the WBTC agreement is 113,225.6419.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?Data source:

According to Debank data, at the beginning of 2020, the number of BTC locked positions in WBTC was only 589. In 2020, the BTC holdings of the WBTC agreement increased by 190 times.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?


MicroStrategy Incorporated is a US listed company that provides business intelligence, mobile software and cloud-based services. The company was founded in 1989 by Michael J. Saylor and Sanju Bansal to develop software for analyzing internal and external data in order to make business decisions and develop mobile applications.

On August 11, MicroStrategy announced that it had invested USD 250 million in Bitcoin; on September 8, MicroStrategy announced another USD 175 million purchase of Bitcoin. So far, the company’s investment in Bitcoin has reached USD 425 million.

On December 21st, CEO Michael Saylor announced on Twitter that MicroStrategy purchased approximately 29,646 bitcoins for US$650 million in cash. So far, MicroStrategy BTC’s total holdings have reached 70,470.

Interestingly, this position is currently worth approximately US$2.044 billion, and Michael Saylor specifically pointed out in Twitter that MicroStrategy only spent US$1.125 billion to buy these BTCs.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

In contrast, at the beginning of 2020, there was no news of MicroStrategy investing in Bitcoin. Linkede searched for the words “MicroStrategy”, “BTC” and “Bitcoin” in the interval from January to June 2020, but did not see any valid information.

American government

“Silk Road” is an online black market that sells drugs, stolen credit cards, and even murders. It was closed by the US government in 2013. The founder of the Silk Road was formally sued in 2015, but left a huge mystery worth 1 billion US dollars.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service hired a third-party company to analyze Bitcoin transactions on the “Silk Road”. It was later discovered that these Bitcoins were owned by a person named “Inpidual X” who had previously used hacking methods from the dark web. Take these bitcoins.

In November of this year, this asset was seized by the US law enforcement agency and transferred to the following address: bc1qa5wkgaew2dkv56kfvj49j0av5nml45x9ek9hz6.

Source: BBC News


CoinShares is the largest digital asset management company in Europe, with two main Bitcoin funds under its umbrella:’Bitcoin Tracker One’ and’Bitcoin Tracker Euro’. According to CoinShares official website data, as of press time, the two products have a total of 1.84 billion US dollars in assets under management and 55,797 bitcoins in contract.

In contrast, historical data on its official website shows that on January 2, 2020, the total assets under management of the two products under CoinShares totaled 6.76 million U.S. dollars. Combined with the current currency price, the contract was 900 BTC.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?Data source: ;


Celsius is a centralized lending platform. In simple terms, it allows you to borrow crypto assets and get income. The lending process is all done on the Celsius App. Up to 33 different cryptocurrencies are supported on Celsius’ App.

Celsius official website stated that depositing Bitcoin can get up to 6.2% annualization. At present, Celsius’ total assets under management reach 4.833 billion U.S. dollars (all cryptocurrencies including BTC). It’s a pity that Linkde did not find the specific number of its BTC holdings, so it chose to use the data from the Kevin Rooke website. We don’t know the data at the beginning of the year.

BitMEX Insurance Fund

In simple terms, BitMEX uses insurance funds to avoid automatic deleveraging in traders’ positions. BitMEX has developed an insurance fund system to help ensure that winners receive expected profits while still limiting the falling liabilities of losing traders.

When a trader holds an open leveraged position, if his maintenance margin is too low, his position will be forced to liquidate (ie liquidation).

Unlike traditional markets, traders’ profits and losses do not reflect the actual price at which they close their positions in the market. On BitMEX, if a trader is liquidated, his equity related to the position will drop to zero.

According to the official website of BitMEX, as of December 30, 2020, the total amount of BTC held by its insurance fund was 37,053. Compared with the 33,491 BTC at the beginning of 2020, BitMEX purchased a total of 3,500 bitcoins in 2020.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

Tezos Foundation

Tezos is a distributed blockchain platform for smart contracts and distributed applications. It has raised $230 million worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum through crowdfunding, making it the second largest cryptocurrency crowdfunding in history.

Tezos will release the semi-annual update report of the foundation. In the latest update published on July 31 this year, we can see that its BTC holdings are 24,518. Its new semi-annual report will also be updated soon, when Lende will update this list of positions.

In contrast, at the beginning of 2020, the Tezos Foundation’s BTC holdings were 31,846, which is the only institution in the list whose BTC holdings did not rise but fell.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

Galaxy Digital

Galaxy Digital is a listed cryptocurrency investment bank with blockchain investment as its main business and financial transparency. It was founded by the legendary Wall Street hedge fund manager and billionaire Mike Novogratz (Mike Novogratz).

The company’s main business is to provide asset management services for third-party investors, such as raising funds in the form of funds.

It can be seen in its report for the third quarter of 2020 that Galaxy Digital currently holds a total of 16,402 bitcoins, an increase of 5000 bitcoins compared to the beginning of the year.

Since its latest report for the fourth quarter of 2020 has not yet been released, it is temporarily impossible to know the current number of Galaxy Digital’s latest BTC holdings. After the update, Linkdede will also update this position list.

Galaxy Digital has always been committed to becoming the “Goldman Sachs in the cryptocurrency field.” Mike Novogratz is an avid believer of Bitcoin and often promotes Bitcoin on social media. In an interview with CNN, it even called on new investors to invest 2% to 3% of their net assets in Bitcoin.

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?

BTC single chain address balance list

Looking for the Bitcoin Giant Whale in Three Dimensions: Who is the biggest winner behind the surge?List of BTC address balances on a single chain

This table shows the top ten wallet addresses with balances on the BTC chain. Three of them are exchange cold wallet addresses. The sixth place is the Bitcoin confiscated by the US government mentioned above. The other 6 wallets are behind the scenes. The owner did not have a clear answer.

Natural person BTC holding list

Unlike companies, there is no disclosure data for individual bitcoin holdings, and there are different opinions on large bitcoin holdings online. The following data comes from an article titled “Bitcoin’s Top Ten Billionaires” by TravelbyBit in April 2020.

Satoshi Nakamoto (tentatively designated as a natural person)

Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym used by Bitcoin developers or groups, and is recognized by the Bitcoin community as the individual with the most BTC assets. In 2013, a netizen named “Sergio” published an article speculating on the number of BTCs owned by BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

The article pointed out that from January 3, 2019 to January 25, 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto dug up a total of 1 million Bitcoins. As of January 4, 2021, the total value of these BTCs is approximately 31.8 billion U.S. dollars . And Satoshi Nakamoto has never touched these bitcoins.

On the Bitcoin Forum, some users pointed out that these bitcoins owned by Satoshi Nakamoto are scattered among 10,000 to 20,000 BTC addresses.

However, it is worth noting that the author of the article Sergio issued a statement in the article, stating that he cannot be 100% sure that the entity that owns these BTCs is Satoshi, but it is certain that these 1 million BTCs belong to the same entity.

Moreover, the entity has been mining since block 1, and its mining hardware performance remains the same as in the genesis block.

Winklevoss Brothers

Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss (Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss) are called Winklevos twins. They used to be Olympic rowers and venture capitalists, and founded a social networking site ConnectU in early 2002.

In 2008, they sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their ideas, because Zuckerberg only founded Facebook in 2004, and the twins received a $65 million settlement fee.

Later the two brothers began to invest in Bitcoin startups, such as Bitcoin payment processor company BitInstant, and many other companies. In 2014, they launched the cryptocurrency exchange Germini, which allows users to buy, sell and store digital assets. It is said that they owned nearly 1% of Bitcoin in 2013, and are currently worth more than 6.72 billion US dollars.

Michael Novogratz (Micheal Novogratz)

Michael Novogratz is a former hedge fund manager who was listed as a billionaire by Forbes in 2007 and 2008.

Before he retired from an investment company, he started investing in cryptocurrencies. He later became the CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, a cryptocurrency investment company. As early as 2012, his net worth was approximately US$500 million.

In 2017, he mentioned that he owns 20% to 30% of his wealth in Bitcoin and Ethereum, and obtained more than $250 million in profits. It is controversial that he believes that cryptocurrency is a bubble, but he will continue to invest in different cryptocurrency projects.

Chris Larsen

Chris Larson is a business executive and angel investor. He has co-founded many technology startups in Silicon Valley.

He is the co-founder of Ripple, a company that aims to help promote banks that use blockchain technology for international payments. His cryptocurrency net worth is approximately 7.5 billion to 8 billion U.S. dollars.

Joseph Lubin (Joseph Lubin)

Joseph Rubin is an entrepreneur who co-founded companies such as EthSuisse. EthSuisse aims to expand the functionality of blockchain databases.

He also founded ConsenSys, a company that develops blockchain software for the Ethereum blockchain. According to Forbes, his cryptocurrency net assets are valued at between 1 billion and 5 billion U.S. dollars. Rubin is actively involved in the development of solutions to solve governance issues in the blockchain industry.

Zhao Changpeng (CZ)

Changpeng Zhao (community code CZ) is the founder and CEO of Binance, the world’s most traded cryptocurrency exchange. Changpeng Zhao has a background in computer science.

Before starting to adopt cryptocurrency, he worked at Tokyo Stock Exchange and Bloomberg Tradebook, developing trading-related software. He has been involved in various cryptocurrency projects since 2003, including serving as the CTO of OKcoin.

In 2017, Changpeng Zhao founded Binance and raised US$15 million through an ICO. Changpeng Zhao ranked third on the list of “Forbes” “Cryptocurrency Richest Man” in 2018. His net assets were valued at US$1.4 billion in September 2018.

Matthew Roszak

Matthew Rosezak is an investor and entrepreneur. He claims to be the first person to award Bitcoin to Richard Branson and Bill Clinton.

He is a founding partner of Tally Capital, a private investment company. The company has a portfolio of more than 20 projects in the blockchain field, such as Blockstream, Civic and Factom. His net worth is valued at 800 million U.S. dollars.

Anthony Di lorio

Anthony DiLorio is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and early investor. He is the co-founder of Ethereum and has been active in the cryptocurrency field from the very beginning. After learning about Bitcoin in the Free talk live podcast, he bought the first Bitcoin in his life for $9.73 in 2012.

He has also invested in other cryptocurrencies such as Qtum, VeChain and Zcash. Forbes estimates that his net worth in 2018 will be between US$750 million and US$1 billion.

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency. Coinbase raised $300 million when it first launched in October 2018.

Coinbase has grown steadily, gaining 8 million new users in 2019, and since its launch, the exchange has generated approximately $2 billion in transaction fees. According to “Forbes” reports, his net worth is approximately $1 billion.

Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur who co-founded Blockchain Capital, a venture capital company. The company raised $85 million in 2017 through two venture capital funds. During the 2017 ICO boom, Pierce launched EOS and raised 700 million US dollars.

It is the largest ICO project since 2017. The project is marketed through, a company co-founded by Pierce and others. “Forbes” magazine listed Pierce as the “Top 20 Richest People in Cryptocurrency” in February 2018. His net worth is between 700 million and 1.1 billion US dollars.


Bitcoin whale clusters pinpoint key support level for the rally to continue (

Bitcoin (BTC) whale clusters show that the $23,409 level has become an area of focus for large traders. This indicates that the ongoing bull run is buoyed by whales continuing to accumulate above $23,000.

Whale clusters form when whales purchase Bitcoin and do not move their BTC holdings from the price of purchase. Clusters are useful in determining Bitcoin’s support levels, especially when the market moves rapidly.

Bitcoin whale clusters. Source:

“Should not be going lower than $23,409”

According to analysts at Whalemap, a data analytics firm that tracks Bitcoin whale activity, BTC has formed a strong floor in the $23,000 to $23,500 range. They said:

“Surprisingly large amounts of losses were flowing on-chain at 19k prices. When this happens in bullish conditions BTC gives us nice rallies (10k–>20k last time). We have multiple strong supports at recent prices as well… Should not be going lower than $23,409.”

It is important for Bitcoin to establish solid support areas during a bull run due to the risk of sudden corrections. If whale clusters are present at high price levels, like $23,409, then whales are likely to bid slightly higher and sustain Bitcoin’s momentum.

Peter Brandt, a long-time trader, pinpointed the parabolic line of Bitcoin dating back to October as a key area to watch.

Daily BTC/USD price chart with trendlines. Source:, Peter Brandt

The line indicates $24,000 as the critical support area, which would mean BTC needs to stay above it to prevent a large drop. Brandt wrote:

“Bitcoin $BTC is advancing in parabolic move from Sep ’20 low. I expect this curve to be violated at some point, but not to produce 80% decline. Green curve is a larger parabolic advance from Dec 2018 & Mar 2020 lows. This is the driver of bull market.”

In the near term, the whale clusters and the parabolic trendline show that $23,409 and $24,000 are the two key levels Bitcoin must hold.

Below $24,000, the chances of an accelerated correction increase, which could worsen if whale cluster support areas are breached.

Where would BTC top out at?

Traders generally believe Bitcoin could rise to two levels: $30,000 and $36,000. The latter has become a popular near-term prediction because the options market indicates a high probability of $36,000 being hit in the upcoming months. Of course, the former is a key psychological level. 

A pseudonymous trader known as “Byzantine General” said that he foresees Bitcoin topping out at $30,000. He explained that $30,000 is the “golden ratio extension” level and also has sell orders on Coinbase and Bitfinex. He said:

“I think this rally tops out mid-term around 30k. It’s the golden ratio extension. Also happens to be where CB & Finex got fat asks laying around.”

On Dec. 27, Cointelegraph reported that Bitcoin immediately saw big volatility, ultimately shedding 6.5% within a span of a few hours after the price topped out at $28,200 across major exchanges. Given that resistance areas with heavy sell order scan be met with large pullbacks, the $30,000 area could present a major short-term roadblock to Bitcoin.

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