Linda Xie’s introductory trilogy for explorers of the crypto world: DeFi, NFT and DAO (

DeFi, NFT, and DAO, there is no doubt that they are vital to the encryption world in recent years and are also rapidly evolving fields. It can be said that they led this round of encryption wave. If you don’t know them enough, the introductory trilogy written by Scalar Capital founder Linda Xie is just right for you.

Written by: Linda Xie, founder of Scalar Capital

“Don’t understand DeFi? You can’t miss this beginner’s guide “
Decentralized finance, also known as “DeFi” or open finance, uses automated methods to replace middlemen and rebuild the traditional financial system. If you still don’t understand the emerging DeFi fields such as stable coins, decentralized loans, centralized exchanges, and decentralized identities, this beginner’s guide will take you quickly to the various financial components of the DeFi ecosystem.
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Linda Xie's introductory trilogy for explorers of the crypto world: DeFi, NFT and DAO

“Linda Xie’s New Works: A Look at NFT Art, Games, and Social Applications and Prospects”
Non-homogeneous token NFT is a term that describes the ownership of a unique digital asset that can be tracked by the blockchain. In the next few years, we will see a large number of use cases for NFT, but these use cases are only possible through encryption. This article introduces the latest developments and successful cases of NFT in the three major areas of art, games and social in a simple and simple way.
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“DAO Introductory Collection: What are the potential use cases and tools? What’s the problem? „Äč
A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a group organized around a task that is coordinated through a set of shared rules implemented on the blockchain. Compared with traditional enterprise projects, one of the biggest advantages of DAO is higher transparency and lower barriers to entry. The main purpose of this article is not to introduce each encrypted DAO in detail, but to outline from a higher level what is DAO, why DAO is so interesting, and to show some potential use cases of DAO.
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Miss Linda Xie at the end of 2020 in Amber: the simplicity and beauty of the past (

在琥珀2020年末想念Linda Xie:曾经的单纯和美好One year spent similar, each year is different. This sentence can’t describe Amber more appropriately. New projects continue to be produced, and the milk kings and nurses are constantly changing.

When it comes to the milk king, Kyle can’t be bypassed. Presumably Kyle is also the best-known milk king in the past two or three years. The heyday of Kyle’s milk power, I think, was from 18 to 19 years. At that time, the market was big, and the institutional media projects all fell into depression. Only Kyle was full of milk power. Everyone loves and recognizes.

So who was the typical milk king before Kyle? I think Linda Xie should be well deserved. I have written several articles about her and 0x before. In short, as the wife of 0x founder Warren and the title of the first generation product manager of Coinbase, I am working on the 0x project.

At the same time, she also contributed a number of popular science articles about BTC/ETH/ZRX/TEZOS during that period, which was a classic reading for players who were initially involved in amber. Thinking about it now is incredible. At that time, I would read a piece of English from the beginning to the end. Now, it is either waiting for the chain to hear the Chinese translation, or the central idea of ​​the speed article.

Thinking about it carefully, that was also three or four years ago. At that time, when Linda Xie was in the limelight, Scalar Capital had not yet been established. Perhaps there is no institutional identity yet, so milk coins were still quite free and easy at the time. It gives people the feeling of being close to the people and without airs.

The 0x project can also be included in the annals of amber history. Now that Uniswap has received flowers and applause, I want to give compliments to the 0x team. As the pioneer and originator of DEX, I put forward the idea of ​​tokenizing everything three years ago. And now it continues to move forward, launching Matcha aggregator products.

0x is the memory of a generation of amber people. It is Coinbase’s first generation of gangster coins. At that time, Coinbase was not called a gangster. At that time, the effect of Coinbase’s listing of altcoins was still very strong. At that time, Linda Xie would personally call for orders.

And after 17 years of Daniel, Linda Xie gradually became low-key, no longer tweeting orders, and the content of tweets was not painful or itchy, rather reserved and held. Maybe it’s financial freedom, maybe it’s not too much attention to Amber, so far I have milked three coins: ETH/NEAR/GHST. Of course, it is also a very reserved milk, no longer the heroic beauty of the milk coin.

However, the torrent of history is rolling forward. When Linda Xie, the nanny, was gradually forgotten by everyone, Kyle, the dad, quickly stood on the top of the wave of the times. The heyday was 18 and 19 years. The situation in Amber has changed a lot in 2020. With the rise of the DEFI gang, many new milk kings have really covered up a lot of Kyle’s limelight.

I remember that the domestic media’s newsletters often wrote Kyle’s views at the time, but this year it is obviously less. But this does not mean that Kyle is not working anymore. He is still very awkward, but the tide of the times has been changing. There will always be new milk kings who will be born and old milk kings will always retreat.

I miss LindaXie at that time and will call out in person, and miss the beautiful and simple people and things at that time. Maybe at this moment, the current amber is also very beautiful, but people will always miss the past, when the current situation is more difficult, or when it is not the amber that you have ideal.

I even doubt that there will be interesting milk kings like Linda and Kyle in the future, adding fun and warmth to the cruel amber. I am very pessimistic, I think it will become less and less in the future.

The maturity of an industry also means that the industry is becoming more and more boring. Amber is getting boring. Very sad. Very sad. Even if you make money, you will feel bored. I think the only antidote is to convince myself that I have made contributions in this industry, so as to bring a trace of psychological comfort.

This is just a groan and gossip. I am looking forward to Amber’s 2021, because it is full of flowers and separate from the crowd. I also miss the old amber because of its fun and my longing for it.